All-New 2020 Opel Corsa: What Can We Expect?

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With PSA Group now taking over Opel and Vauxhall, they had to come out with a completely new Corsa since the one that GM was working on was design to ride on the GM platform. So what will the PSA Group Opel Corsa be offering when it finally arrives?

The PSA version of the Opel Corsa will come in sitting on the CMP architecture that the next-gen Peugeot 208 is riding on right now. The Corsa was spotted out in the open and while it was still heavily covered in camo stickers, we could still make out some of the details.

The proportions of the vehicle look similar to the previous model and Opel seems to have kept some of the design elements but we can only know for sure when they officially take the covers off as the key design details were all covered up by the stickers. It does look wider and lower now.

As for the engine, we have not heard anything yet but some people were hoping that the vehicle would come with an EV engine. More details will be revealed when the vehicle will be shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show.