All-New Bentley Concept Will Take The Stage In July

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It looks like we will be seeing a new concept car from Bentley in a few month time as Bentley announce that they will be showing us something special for their 100th anniversary.

According to Stefan Sieladd, the design director for Bentley, the new concept will give us a taste of what the future Bentley models will look like when it arrives as they will be sticking close to that design language.

He added that the concept will have a very innovative design language which is something that they take very seriously and that they have been working hard on the design for about two years.

While we do not know much at this point, most people believe that the concept will be coming in as a low-slung coupe model that will be a follow up to the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept that Bentley showed off a few years ago.