All-New Lincoln Crossover Takes Up One Of The 20+ Spot

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Ford has already made it clear that they are looking to release more than 20 new Ford and Lincoln product in the next two years and it looks like one of the models from the list will be the new Lincoln Crossover.

According to the company, they are looking to upgrading their truck and SUV lineup and also expanding their range of SUVs. It was later added that in the US, they will be offerign seven new enteries or major uprgades.

Models that we shold be seeing includes the 2020 Ford Explorere, redesign Ford Escape, the new Ford Bronco, the Mustang inspired electric crossover and more. For Lincoln, we will be seeing the 2020 Aviator as well as a new crossover.

Based on the teaser image, it could be coming with a size that is simlar to the Ford Escape so it could get the same platfrom as well but we will have to wait for Ford to reveal more before we can specualte further.