Alpina XB7 To Take UP BMW X7 M Spot

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BMW might not be ready to release a BMW X7 M right now but Alpina will be here for those looking for something similar.

The Alpina XB7 is expected to make an appearance at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The vehicle was seen getting tested out in the open a few times now and while the vehicle was covered up, there are a few renderings out there that could give us an idea of how the vehicle will look like when it finally arrives.

As usual, the updates will be pretty subtle on the outside. We can expect to see some new trimmings, bumper aprons, side skirts, multispoke wheels, bespoke color offerings and more. More Alpina style updates can be found on the inside.

We do not have much to go on now but it is believed that the vehicle will be offered with two models, a diesel-powered XD7 which will only be offered in Europe and a gasoline XB7 model. The former should deliver about 523hp while the latter will deliver about 394hp.

To further improve the vehicle, the XB7 will also be fitted with a bespoke suspension tune, updated eight-speed automatic transmission and more.