Anthem Even Cheaper Now

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If you are still thinking about trying out the new Anthem game by EA, this might be the right moment as the game is cheaper now than ever.

Just days after the game was released, Amazon is now offering the game for only $51 instead of $60. The game price dropped to $52 a few days ago but has now dropped even lower. However, only the PS4 version got the discount. If you plan to play the game at any other platform other than the PS4, the game will still cost you $60.

The game was released on the 22nd February with mixed reviews from the fans. While there were parts of the game that we love and find innovative, there are other parts that can get a little frustrating to play with. However, the developer has been listening to some of the comments and have been releasing updates to improve the game but whether it will be enough to keep their players around is a whole other story.