Apple CarPlay Gets Huge Update, What’s New?

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We got to learn about some of Apple’s future plans at the World Wide Developer Conference this week and one of the announcements that Apple made was about their Apple CarPlay feature.

According to Apple, their Apple CarPlay will be getting a major update. With the arrival of iOS 13, the updated Apple CarPlay will now have a new Dashboard view that will allow users to see multiple functions at the same time. That means users can have their music app, map app, and more running on the same screen at the same time.

One other update that users will be happy to learn about is that Siri will now be overlaid on top of the apps so the CarPlay system won’t go to another screen now.

Besides talking about their Apple CarPlay update, Apple also reveals a little about what they will be offering on their Maps and all the new changes that their users can expect to see.