Aston Martin DBX Coming For Porsche & BMW

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Aston Martin will be dipping their toes into the SUV pool with the Aston Martin DBX but the automaker is still confident that they will be able to take on their rivals.

Aston Martin Chief engineer Matt Becker reveals that Aston Martin already has their sights set on the top SUVs in the market. One of the models that were mentioned was the Cayenne Turbo model as well as the BMW X6 M. They added that they pushed all the vehicles to the limit on the field and one the road to make sure they had the best to offer.

The automaker did add that they were pretty impressed with what these rival models had to offer in terms of capabilities. There is not a whole lot of detail on the Aston Martin DBX model right now but it will be revealed at the end of this year.

Most people believe it will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show or the Los Angeles Auto Show.