Audi E-Tron Could Turn Into A Fire Risk [Recall]

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Audi have been hyping up their Audi E-Tron for the longest time now and the last thing that they would want to see happen to their new baby is a recall but it looks like they had no choice as it was reported that the Audi E-Tron might have a risk of catching fire.

According to the report, a potentially faulty seal could allow moisture to seep into the battery compartment which could then lead to a short circuit or thermal event. Audi added that no actual incident has been reported yet.

The recall will affect about 540 units of the Audi E-Tron that have already been delivered to their customers which is not a whole lot. EV fires will often get more attention as it is harder to put out compared to gasoline and diesel fuel fires although NHTSA did say that the risk of EV fires are comparable to or maybe lower than the standard gasoline or diesel models.