Audi Follows Up Drug Reference With A Jab On Tesla

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What you are looking at above is a brand new billboard advertisement from Audi and it is made to hype the masses on their electric program. The new ad can also be said as a follow up to the controversial poster that promotes Audi’s green energy through referencing drugs.

Well, the above took controversial to a whole new level for Audi as the carmaker didn’t hide their jab towards Tesla. Audi chose the words “Musk Have” instead of “Must Have” and this sends a strong message across the industry.

With a large chunk of green lovers supposedly ‘worshipping’ Elon Musk, using the lad’s name as a pun for a new marketing campaign may give the e-Tron a wider coverage. It is either that or Audi knows Elon Musk silently owns a 4-ring green car.

All we can say is that things are getting more entertaining in Audi’s camp and we certainly can’t wait what the company has in store for the near future.