Audi Heads To Geneva With Four PHEV In Tow

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We will be seeing a few PHEV model from Audi at the Geneva Motor Show this year as the automaker announced that they will be showing off the PHEV versions of the A6, A7, A8, and Q5 at the show next month.

The vehicles at the event will be using a 14.1kWh battery but all is not the same here. The A6, A7 and A8 will come with a lithium-ion units that uses 104 pouch cells divded into eight modules while the Q5 will use prismatic cells.

Drivers will also can to select from a few different driving modes including Comfort, Efficiency, Auto and Dynamic. That along wiht the EV, Auto and Hold mode will help the vehicle decide when the battery will be used or charged.

All four models will come with cables for home and commercial sockets. Using a 7.2kW charger, the owner will need charge it for two hours to get it from empty to full. Those looking to shorten that time can get the Level 3 cable.