Audi R8 Revival Brings Huge Sales Promise!

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About two weeks ago, one of our readers shared with us that the R8 has gone missing on Audi’s website. Since then, we have looked for information as to why the R8 is no longer around but our search ended with nothing.

Today, Audi has stepped forward to offer an answer and it is the release of the R8 in rear-wheel format. Also known as the R8 RWD, this particular vehicle is tailored for driving enthusiasts worldwide through having a rear-wheel drive layout.

The best part about it is that the R8 RWD will have an opening price that is about $30,000 cheaper than the standard R8. The new setup, paired to a new low pricing, will certainly boost the R8’s sales.

This will go very well for Audi, especially when the R8 is already a bestseller in the supercar scene. We can expect Audi to commence deliveries of the R8 RWD by the end of this month.