Audi SQ2 Is The Jacked Up S3 That Never Made It Into USA!

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The face of the automotive industry here in the US is rapidly changing as the consumers are demanding for more EVs and crossovers. The days of ICE cars are technically numbered and this has even led brands like Ford to make drastic changes to their line-up.

But for Audi, taking into account of the current market trends is not in their best interest at the moment and this greatly explains why the luxury carmaker has got no plans to ship the all-new SQ2 to the US.

On papers, the SQ2 looks like the kind of vehicle you would want to sell in USA as it is a crossover that can perform as good as the Audi S3. Both vehicles are, after all, powered by the same turbocharged mill and the difference between them is only body style.

You can learn more about the SQ2 through CarWow’s tour on the car below.