Audi SQ7 Confirms It Is Not A Scaled Up Hatchback

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Many have complaint over the fact that there are too many SUVs getting produced and they don’t see the point of it. For some of these folks, they believe that SUVs sell because of the illusion that a bigger body and taller driving height will grant greater safety.

When it comes to performance, SUVs are always considered behind that of a pure sports car – even that of a sports hatchback. This is something which Audi SQ7 can’t accept because it hates being called a bigger and taller hatchback with less significant performance.

The Audi SQ7 runs on a 4L V8 turbocharged diesel engine with an electric-powered compressor hence it can perform like a pure sports hatch. To further prove this point, the lads at Top Gear have organized a drag race involving the Audi SQ7 and the Ford Focus RS.

It is worth noting that the SQ7 has ‘double’ the engine, size and weight of the Ford Focus RS hence making this an interesting contest. The end result saw the SQ7 bagging complete victory thus proving that not all SUVs are insignificant when compared to sports hatchbacks.