Audi vs BMW: Tug-O-War On Ice!

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Audi and BMW are two of the biggest rivals in the luxury automotive industry. Both carmakers have been trying to outdo each other ever since they existed. Owners of both Audi and BMW are aware of this and some of them went as far as pitting the A3 with the 3-Series.

However, the challenge was not about which car is faster on a straight line. Both the A3 and 3-Series were fighting each other in a tug of war. The A3 runs on the Haldex system whereas the 3-Series comes with xDrive. Both cars fought each other on a field of snowy ice and we managed to witness the winner.

We don’t want to spoilt the result for you and highly recommend you to catch the video embedded below. The clip is only 19 seconds long and you will definitely be entertained by it. Once done, do share us on what you think of the tug-o-war in the comment section below.