Baby Jeep Announced, Do We Really Need Another Jeep?

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The smallest Jeep right now would probably be the Jeep Renegade but Jeep seems to think that there might be a market for an even smaller Jeep as Automotive News reported that FCA might be looking to build a smaller Jeep that will come in to sit below the Renegade.

The entry-level Jeep was hinted earlier this year. According to the reports the vehicle will be made in Italy and will be sharing the plant with Fiat Panda which means the new Jeep could be sharing the same platform as the Panda. There is not a whole lot of information right now but it is predicted that we might see it in 2020.

While it is nice to know that FCA is looking to offer more models in the future, we are not sure if we really need another Jeep right now.

Besides a new Jeep, it was reported that Alfa Romeo will also be offering another SUV and that this will SUV would be bigger than the Stelvio.