Baby Wrangler Plans Facing Toyota Jimny Threats!

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Jeep mentioned last year that they are on the brink of a mass expansion. The line-up expansion will see the release of many new off-road tailored vehicles and one of them is going to be a subcompact Wrangler.

This is something exciting to look forward to as there is a market craving for a Jeep Wrangler but in a smaller package. But on the other hand, the path to expansion for Jeep won’t be a walk in the park as Toyota too is promising similar things for the near future.

Toyota has said before that they want to launch more all-terrain SUVs and among them is a compact off-roader. The details are unclear but reports from Japan are suggesting that the vehicle will be a rebadged Suzuki Jimny.

The Jimny is one of the most successful vehicles from Suzuki and it is about to get replaced with a new-generation model. The word is that Toyota has been meeting up with Suzuki with hopes of getting approval to sell the Jimny here in the US.

If this is true, off-road lovers are in for a treat due to a wide array of options coming to them. But for Jeep, the Jimny may end up being a thorn in their plans.