Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter Will Come To Tesla

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Tesla has made it pretty clear that they are ready to accept for third party games and it looks like one of it will be the Fallout Shelter game from Bethesda.

This was revealed during E3 when Elon Mush and Todd Howard was talking on the panel when Howard reveals that they are working together on bringing Fallout Shelter to Tesla. He added that it will be like the little dwellers are living in the car.

Some people from the audience later suggested that Bethesda also bring Skyrim to Tesla to which Howard responded by saying that will have to start smaller. So no Skyrim but Fallout Shelter is still pretty amazing.

This is not the only popular game that is making its way to Tesla as StudioMDHR also announce that Cuphead will be released on Tesla as well. What other games would you like to see?