Beware Ford-GM, Honda Says 10-Speed Auto Not Good Enough!

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A couple of years ago, Ford and GM announced on a collaboration to develop new technology for cars. The end product was released earlier this year and it is a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Back when the transmission was first released, we were questioning the need for so many gears. However, after seeing both Ford and GM demonstrating the specialities of the gearbox with their respective cars, we can’t help it but to cheer.

However, if you think that 10 gears is the limit today, you could be wrong. It was discovered earlier today that Honda has patented an 11-speed gearbox. The patent was filed on May 27, 2016, at the Japan Patent office, with the inventor credited as Izumi Masao.

The details on the gearbox are unknown at the moment but it strongly suggests that Honda is developing the 11-speed transmission to outdo Ford-GM 10-speed unit. When the 11-speed gearbox gets released, we are expecting it to debut with the Acura NSX.