Biggest Ford Mustang Fan Is Now A Criminal!

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What does it take for a person to be a big fan of something? If you ask us, we would say that the individual will need to break the barrier of being just another fan into a person that is purely obsessive with the thing that he or she loves.

With that in mind, we would gladly say that John Anthony Harrison is the biggest fan of the Ford Mustang in the entire world as he willingly turned into a criminal just to get an experience with the car.

The lad was reported stealing a Ford Mustang when test driving the vehicle and he even got a sales representative seated on the passenger seat as a bonus. But unfortunately for John Anthony Harrison, the cops didn’t take long to stop him before making the necessary arrest.

It is a pretty weird incident although not uncommon if you’re living here in the US. The intriguing bit here is that the lad chose the Ford Mustang out of every possible car around. He must’ve really loved the American pony.