BMW 3-Series Convertible Saved From Domestic Abuse!

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What would you do if you have zero love for the car that you’ve purchased? For one individual in the UK that has gotten himself the BMW 3-Series Convertible, he decided to smash his car with a baseball bat.

The lad is said to have owned the vehicle for a couple of years already and the honeymoon period with his purchase came to a quick end when problems started surfacing. Some minor faults on the 3-Series Convertible has left the owner frustrated numerous times.

But in the latest incident, the owner crashed his 3-Series Convertible in traffic. It’s a light crash but one that is enough to deploy the roll-over safety hoops. That was when the owner had enough and took out a baseball bat to smash his car on all corners.

The raging individual attracted the police in the area which never second-guessed using his taser to put a stop on the abuse to his own car. What happens next is pure mystery.