BMW 3 Series Touring Has Been Hiding This Features So That Long?

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Not many people know about this but the BMW 3-Series Touring model’s rear window does come with some feature that might get taken out in the future.

According to Stefan Horn, the product manager of BMW, the BMW 3-Series Touring rear window can actually be open separately from the tailgate so that the driver or passenger can easily access items from the ack without having to open up the tailgate.

It was revealed by Horn that BMW was actually looking to take that feature away since it is not really that well known and people seem to be doing just fine without using that feature. He added that he had to fight to keep it on and that they will have to work harder now to let more people know about that feature.

The feature is certainly convenience and would be a lot of help if the customers actually do know about it. The new BMW 3-Series Touring model will actually be coming in with a lot more space now and will have a few petrol and diesel engines to offer.