BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid More Range And Power Now

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The new 330e iPerformance in here. Now called the BMW 33e, the vehicle will now be able to offer more range and power thanks to all the upgrades.

Powering the vehicle now is a 2.0 liter twin-turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine that will be delivering about 184hp. The engine will be paired with an electric motor to deliver a total output of 252hp and 309 lb-ft of torque. The engine will allow the vehicle to go from 0-62mph in 6 seconds now with a top speed of 130mph.

But that is not the most exciting news. With the addition of XtraBoost which will be activated when the Sports mode is selected, the vehicle will be able to access up to 41 hp from the battery pack.

The electric-only driving range of the vehicle has also been increased by 50% now which means the vehicle can now offer about 37miles of electric range. Details like the new EPA ratings have not been announced yet but BMW expects it to be 10% better than before.