BMW 8-Series Begins Countdown By Showing More Skin!

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The 8-Series is the next major vehicle to come from BMW and many can’t wait to check out what the car will have to offer. This cannot be avoided as the 8-Series promises more luxuries than the 7-Series. So, when will the 8-Series make its debut?

The answer to this is June 15. BMW made it clear on their online social pages that they will be bringing out the 8-Series in mid-June. It gets more exciting when the announcement was quickly followed up by new spy shots of the 8-Series.

Unlike previous spy shots, the new batch saw the 8-Series with thinner camouflage and more parts being uncovered. We have to say that the 8-Series will certainly look good and the lack of camouflage confirms it is not long before the 8-Series gets released.

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