BMW 8-Series: Cabin Preview Brings ‘Tacho & Plastic’ Scare!

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The 8-Series is the next big thing to come from BMW and many can’t wait to check out what the ultimate luxury coupe will have to offer.

While the details are being reserved for a major auto show later this year, you can already get a rough look at the 8-Series today and this is thanks to the abundance of spy shots covering the vehicle.

The latest set of shots surfaced yesterday and it offers you a clear look at the 8-Series’ interior. At a glance, you may feel like BMW has botched it because the 8-Series is far behind Mercedes-Benz in-terms of cabin design. But then again, the button layout promises a more mechanical approach that can survive the test of time.

All is well for the 8-Series until we realized that the buttons on the steering wheel look like they’re made from plastic. For an 8-Series, having plastics used like this will only damage its luxurious status. We are pretty sure BMW is aware of it and they are likely to replace the plastics with metal on the final product.

The other thing which those that have viewed the shots are afraid off is tachometer. A clear shot has shown that the tachometer has a counter-clockwise setup. If the M-HUD next to it is to function in clockwise direction, it will hand future owners a hard time at adapting.

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