BMW 8-Series Convertible Had Just Made Z4 Look Cheap

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The next-gen BMW Z4 is one of the most anticipated vehicles right now and this is owed to the car’s promise for the best balance in luxury and performance. But even with that in mind, it will be a mistake to assume the next Z4 as the best roof-less vehicle from BMW yet.

This title is actually reserved for the upcoming 8-Series Convertible and new spy shots on the vehicle has emerged online to explain why. As how you can see below, the 8-Series Convertible promises to offer a higher brand of luxuries than what we have seen on the production-ready Z4 concept.

The design of the 8-Series Convertible is already giving off an aggressive, million-dollar-in-the-pockets vibe and this is despite the camouflage hiding certain design features from our eyes.

We can expect BMW to bring out the 8-Series Convertible somewhere next year at a major auto show. Until then, you may want to consider skipping the Z4 if you’ve got the cash.

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