BMW 8-Series To Be A 4-Series In XL!

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It is relatively easy to understand BMW’s automotive line-up. All you have to do is to look at the flagship 7-Series before realizing that all the other cars are largely the same but with different measurements.

It looks like this recipe will remain unchanged for the all-new 8-Series. Dubbed as the ultimate luxury car from BMW, the vehicle is technically a coupe-version of the 7-Series. On the other hand, you can also describe the car as a 4-Series in a larger package.

This was made possible earlier today when reports from Germany confirmed that BMW is now working on a 4-door version of the 8-Series. 4-door coupe is something that enthusiasts have been cringing at for a long time but that won’t change BMW’s decision at all.

Much like how the 6-Series is Size L for the 4-Series, the 8-Series will be the XL size of the coupe family once the 4-door variant comes out. And if you’re wondering why we don’t use the term ‘S’ in our analogy, it is due to our expectation for the 2-Series to get a 4-door variant in the future.