BMW 8-Series To Ditch Car Keys For Good?

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The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show saw a lot of interesting reveals and one of them is from BMW. Not many noticed it but BMW took a couple of minutes to share that they want to ditch car keys for good.

Sure, keyless entry is a widely available feature on cars today but it is still not something that BMW is interested in offering. When the Bavarian brand mentioned that they don’t want keys at ally, this includes key fobs too.

BMW then teased that they are working on a new way for car owners to access their vehicles but offered no details on the matter. If rumors are to be referred to, this new way is actually with the use of a smartphone application. Furthermore, the feature will get introduced in the upcoming 8-Series.

If the rumors are right, then next year will kickstart a key-free makeover on BMW’s line-up, beginning with the launching of the 8-Series. Our only concern is that the ditching of keys may lead to heavy criticism if the consumers perceive keys like audio headphone jacks on smartphones.