BMW 8 Series Will Make You Feel Closer To Space

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BMW took the covers off the new BMW 8 Series called the Night Sky. The name alone could be a refenrence to the space materials used on the inside.

The BMW 8 Series Night Sky will be a one-off custom-built project. The most unique feature about the vehicle is the meteorites which is fitted into the center consoles, start button, gear slector lever as well as the iDrive controller. Even the door sills incorporate inlays from meteorites.

To further emphasize on the space them, the interior was given the Widmanstatten-patterned surfaces which is the surface pattern of meteorites. The armrest also has LED lights that replicates a starry sky and the colors used on the inside are a combination of deep midnight blue and silver.

This model will come fitted with a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 engine that will be offering about 523hp and 553lb ft of torque.