BMW Bags Gold In Sales For 2015

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Earlier this week, we brought to you the top ten bestselling vehicles here in the US but unfortunately, no luxury cars ended up on the list. Today, we discovered that it is BMW that is the biggest winner in sales for 2015.

The German carmaker managed to sell a total of 346,023 cars throughout 2015 and this is about 1.8% more than 2014. If you are to breakdown the numbers, you will see that it is the X5 that accumulated most sales.

A total of 54,997 X5 was sold in 2015 and this is about 16% of the overall sales. Even so, we find the i3 to be the most impressive of them all as it managed to achieve 11,024 units sold in its debut year.

BMW came out ahead of Mercedes and Audi in terms of sales figures in the US and the carmaker would want to keep it that way this year.