BMW Engine Fire Recall Gets Close To 1 Million

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BMW is already working on fixing some of their models over the engine fire issue and now, they are adding an additional 185,000 units to the list increasing the total numbers to 925,000 units.

The recall affects models from the 3 Series, 5 Series and the Z4 models from 2006. According to NHTSA, the positive crankcase ventilation valve heather could have been damaged by moisture leading to the plastic parts degrading. This can then lead to an electrical short and fire even when the engine is not turned on.

Those affected by the recall will get a new heater. BMW also added that the recall will start on the 28th of May. Despite the issue, BMW is saying that the vehicle can still be driven as the chances of it overheating is very small.

BMW added that they are not aware of any accidents or injuries that were reported to be caused by this issue.