BMW Expects M2 To Be Drift Icon!

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The BMW M2 has gone a long way from being a car with a crooked seat to a respectable performance vehicle. Now, the M2 has got a much bigger goal to achieve and it is to become BMW’s poster car in the drifting scene.

This was confirmed by several employees working at BMW headquarters. These folks revealed at the Paris Motor Show that the M2 is internally nicknamed the Drift Machine.

The name speaks for itself as it shows how BMW views the M2. Calling the car a Drift Machine basically confirms that BMW wants the M2 to be the ultimate drift vehicle in their line-up. It is not a role for the M3, M4 or other M vehicles.

And before we forget, you should note that the Drift Machine is the name used for the next-gen BMW M2 – not the current model. More on this will be revealed later this year.