BMW i3 EV Don’t Appeal To BMW Anymore?

It might not look like it but the BMW i3 has been around for years now and while the vehicle did do pretty well in the beginning, it looks like BMW is already starting to lose interest in the vehicle and is looking to replace it with something new.

BMW has made it pretty clear from the start that they are not working on any successor for the i3 hatch and according to Pieter Nota, the marketing director for BMW, they want to phase out the BMW i3 slowly on start focusing on battery-electric and a plug-in hybrid version of other models.

He added that there is no plan for the i3 to get a successor so we can forget about that for now.

Of course, you can still get the current i3 which will come in with a $44,450 price tag or $48,300 if you get the one with the Range Extender. Were you hoping that there would be an i3 successor?

Author: Staff Reporter

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