BMW i3 & i8 For Outshine By Their Own Twins

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The BMW i3 and BMW i8 are pretty decent looking models but it would not call them exciting at all but that change when BMW brought out the new Starlight Edition models.

The models were created by BMW’s local division in the Czech Republic. Instead of the usual white and blue exterior color, the Starlight Edition BMW i3 and BMW i8 were given a 24-carat gold exterior paint. The golden drops were applied with a fading design to make it look like a starry sky. Well, it is no secret where the name comes from now.

The Gold theme is also reflected in the interior which the gold colored vents, venter panels, steering wheel hubs, door sills and more. Other than these design upgrades, the rest of the vehicle will be carried over from the standard model.

These models are extremely limited since only one of each was created. They were auctioned off for clarity.