BMW i3 & i8 Recalled Over Power Loss Issue

BMW will be issuing a recall for a few of their models including the BMW i3, i3 with a range extender and the BMW i8.

It was reported that the issue here could be the faulty high-voltage control module which could cause an increased resistance inside the Electric Motor Electronics (EME) module which would then lead to the drive system to shut down and the vehicle to power.

Since this only affects the high-voltage system, those models that run on the 12-volt system will remain functional and that includes the power steering and the power brakes.

No solution has been announced yet but it is believed that BMW could remove the EME module and fit in a new one. Affected models will be those built between December 2018 to March 2019. Those affected by the recall will be getting a first-class mail by BMW soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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