BMW i4 EV: Taking A Peek Inside

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We know that BMW is already working on a new i4 model and while the vehicle has been spotted out in the open a few times now, we have not really seen the interior of the BMW i4 until now.

Based on the latest spy shots, it looks like BMW will not be doing anything special for the BMW i4 interior as the interior looks pretty standard. We were expecting to see something along the lines of the i3 interior but BMW might have decided that a conventional interior could be better here.

Not only are fans disappointed by how normal the interior looks but they have also been pretty confused as to why BMW would choose such a normal exterior design for the BMW i4 as well.

Of course, at this point, everything that we have seen were still partially covered up so BMW might still have a few surprises up their sleeves but we would not put so much hope on that as well.