BMW i8 Dreams Of Becoming A Supercar

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The BMW i8 left the world in excitement when it made its debut a couple of years ago but this was quickly followed with loud criticism aimed at BMW.

After years of hyping towards the debut of the i8, the majority of the fans have found themselves disappointed by the lack of power that comes with the car. The i8 already has the looks of a supercar and the hybrid powertrain which it runs on shouldn’t be an excuse for a below-par performance.

This is more-so when the fans considered that rival Tesla can produce EVs with world-beating speed and without a supercar blueprint. The i8 is the exact opposite of that and the criticism has pressured BMW into revealing something different today.

BMW said that the current i8 is nothing more than a standard model. There will be a supercar variant and they claimed it to be in the works as we speak. BMW was stingy on the details but the statement is enough for us to confirm that the i8’s supercar potential is still being worked on as we speak.