BMW i8 Roadster Dares Tesla P100D To Step On The Track

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Back when BMW launched the first i8, many were disappointed by the car as the performance hybrid system which it runs on is a lot slower than a Tesla Model S P90D. It was upsetting because the i8 has already got the looks of a supercar but it loses out on the performance front.

BMW is aware of the criticisms and they have pledged to offer something better with the upcoming i8 Roadster. The car has been spotted testing out its power at Nurburgring earlier today and it gives us a rough idea on how good the i8 Roadster is going to be.

While the powertrain may still be the combination of a 1.5L turbo-3 with electric motors, the i8 Roadster looks faster thus hinting on some tunings done under the hood. The i8 Roadster also took on the bends in a swift manner hence making it certain that the vehicle will handle well.

Everything is looking good for the i8 Roadster and we don’t see why it can’t challenge the P100D. The latter is the world’s second fastest accelerating car behind the Dodge Demon but this doesn’t mean that it can take on a curvy track like a champion. Can it keep up with the i8 Roadster?