BMW iNext CUV Will Stick With Their Gut

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BMW showed off their iNext Vision concept at the LA Auto Show and no matter what you think of the concept, BMW seems determine to build their concept to look very similar to the concept shown.

According to Hooydonk, the iNext will share most of its design with the concept. While the production car will only be arriving in a few years time, the concept represents the idea of they have and will be working on. He added that most people would be able to pick up out the concept design from the production version.

While we do admit that the concept does look unique, not everybody seems happy with the design with some comparing the front design with a rodent. A lot of people were hoping that the front end design will not make it to the production model.

From what they are saying, it looks like BMW will be keeping it but we can still hope that they would work to tone it down a little.