BMW iNext New Concept Wants To Keep Drivers Entertained

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We got to see the BMW iNext concept at the LA Auto Show last year but BMW is not done yet as they also attended CES this year to show off even more tech that the iNext has.

One of the new tech is the futuristic feature to entertain the driver while the vehicle drive itself. Since the iNext concept was made to have some sort of autonomous driving system, the driver will be technically free as they don’t need to play that much attention to the road.

To keep the driver entertain, BMW has devleoped a new reality display system that will allow them to do certain task like taking video calls, watch tv, clearing dome items in their to-do list and more.

Of course, at this point, this is just a concept and it might take months or years before BMW is actually confident enough to use it on the road but it does give us an insight as to what BMW is seeing when they think of the future and how future vehicles should be like.