BMW iNext: The Hideous Highlight For LA?

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BMW has confirmed on their participation at the 2018 LA Auto Show and they will utilize the event to unveil their next major EV – the iNext.

If the name of the next i-car has made you cringe, wait till you see the vehicle in the picture above materializes before your eyes. Since the release of preview photos on the iNext, the majority of fans of BMW has lost interest in the vehicle.

This is due to the design of the iNext which many found to be awful-looking. The bold, futuristic appearance of the concept is simply not easy on the eye and the they can’t look past the weird-looking grille.

It’s not like the i8 which has the visually-appealing appearance right from the start. The worst bit about all of these is that the iNext will be the biggest highlight from BMW at the event next month.