BMW & Jaguar Land Rover To Work On New Engine Together

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Jaguar Land Rover and BMW will be working together to come out with a new engine. As with most partnership, the main reason behind this is probably cost-saving.

According to Autocar, both automakers have decided to expand their EV partnership to include other engines including petrol, diesel, and hybrid. It is said that they will work on four and six-cylinder engine with or without electric.

This could not have come at a better time for Jaguar Land Rover whose sales are on a decline. There were also talks about them looking to cut cost so this will definitely help them in that matter.

We do not know when BMW or Jaguar Land Rover plans to announce the new partnership, however, the previous partnership will require BMW to offer their electric motor, transmission, and electronics to Jaguar Land Rover so that they can fit in onto their future models.