BMW M Not Ready To Say Goodbye To The Stick Yet

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Like many automakers out there, BMW has been cutting back on the manual transmission models but they are not ready to say goodbye to it completely yet.

According to BMW M chairman Markus Flasch, the next BMW M3 will be getting an RWD version with a stick shift. He also added that the combo won’t be going away anytime soon so it looks like BMW fans can at least rely on BMW for a manual transmission vehicle for some time.

On top of that, he also explains why it is still possible to offer the smaller models with RWD while the larger models will have to be fitted with the AWD system pointing out that the M2, M3, and M4 are usually bought as second or third cars that are only taken out for special occasions.

He also talked about the possibility of BMW bringing back the CSL nameplate while also suggesting that the GTS could be taken out in the near future.