BMW M2 Competition Puts Everything On The Line In Stunning Lap Run!

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About a fortnight ago, an internal document from BMW saw the carmaker referring to the next-gen M2 as the ultimate drift machine. The naming scheme was so precise that it exposes how BMW views the M2.

But of course, we still don’t know if the drift title is for every M2 produced up until today or reserved for the next-gen model. If it is the former, the nickname helps explain why the latest M2 Competition has pull all the stops to achieve an impressive time around the Nurburgring.

The car made a best lap attempt at the legendary track and it achieved the result 7:52.36. For perspectives, the M2 Competition is on the same level with an old legend – the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. It also confirms that the M2 Competition has done a better job than the 911 (996) GT3.

You can check out the M2 Competition’s full Nurburgring run below if you need further convincing that the car is fast.