BMW M2 Competition Rallies Hope For M8 Competition!

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Leaks and teasers have revealed plenty about the M8 and all BMW has got to do now is cement the numbers on the car and give the vehicle a memorable debut.

The M8 is slated to arrive somewhere next year and it promises to be the ultimate sports car from BMW yet. As exciting as that sounds, you may want to skip getting the M8 on the car’s debut day and wait a little longer for something more extreme.

If you can afford the M8, you can surely afford paying a little more for the M8 Competition that will debut in early 2020. Yes, you read that right. There is going to be an M8 Competition as per a new internal document leak from BMW.

After experiencing a significant bump in performance on the M2 Competition over the standard M2, you can expect a massive difference separating the ordinary M8 from the Competition variant hence making the extra wait more worth it.