BMW M2 CS: All There Is To Know Now

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The BMW M2 CS will be coming in as the hotter version of the M2 Competition that BMW is offering right now but BMW have not revealed much about the vehicle yet. However, we might already have some information about the upcoming model thanks to Bimmerpost user ynguldyn.

Accordign to the user, the vehicle will be coming in with a manual transmission and will be offering about 445hp. If this is true, it would have indicated that BMW might have found a way to deal with the heat issue as BMW did say that the M2 was not given more power because they could not cool it down fast enough.

The user also added that the vehicle will also be getting a dual clutch transmission option which will most likely be the seven speed along with a carbon roof.

Of course, we do not know how accurate this is but the user was also the one that reveal additional details about the Tyota Supra before the annoucement and the details were pretty accurate.