BMW M5 Competition Getting Close To 700?

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On paper, the BMW M5 currently offers about 600hp while the Competition model will be able to offer about 617hp but new reports are now saying that BMW might be being humble when it comes to its performance number.

Car and Driver hook the BMW M5 Competition to a dyno to see how much the BMW M5 Competition actually has to offer. The test suggests that the stock model would be able to offer close to 617hp which means the model with the twin turbo V8 engine could be able to offer about 700hp when it finally arrives.

Of course, we do need to take into consideration that not all dyno has the same result and there could be a few factors that might affect the result but it should not stray too far from the numbers shown. It is also not a surprise that BMW would actually understate their power.

The good news is that these same engines will also be offered on the upcoming M8 and M8 Competition so we at least know what to expect from those models.