BMW Puts Owners In Charge Of Fake Noise

While BMW was their customers to feel comfortable on the inside but adding more noise cancellation tech to their newer models, the downside to it all is that the engine noise also goes. To add to the experience, BMW have been offering fake engine noise on the inside and now, their customers will get to choose how much they want to hear.

The new setting will allow the customer to choose what level of fake noise they would like to hear. Although the option is pretty well hidden in the setting menu, if you do find it, it will allow you to choose from a few options including Reduced, Balanced, Sporty, and Depending on the driving mode.

It does not have an off option but at least for those that do not want the loud sound, they can choose to reduce it. The M235i Gran Coupe that does come with the fake noise is powered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that does have a naturally aggressive soundtrack so it would be nice to be able to hear that over the fake noise once in a while.

Author: Staff Reporter

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