BMW Realizing Their Mistake With Apple CarPlay

While most automakers are choosing to offer the Apple CarPlay service for free, BMW surprised us all by announcing that they will be charging their buyers a subscription service fee to keep it running.

However, after the controversial announcement, BMW has now taken a step back and announce the AppleCarPlay will be free in BMW vehicles. It was reported by Autocar that BMW will be removing the subscription charge for those in the UK with the US also getting the same announcement later on.

According to BMW, they want to satisfy their customers and this is one way that they can do it. The previous subscription would have cost the owners $80 for 12 months of subscription.

They did not announce when the owners can stop paying for the service and for those that have already paid, we will have to see how BMW plans to compensate them.

As for Android Auto, we will still have to wait and see what BMW has in store for its Android owners.

Author: Staff Reporter

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