BMW Still Believes In Diesel

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With so many automakers now revealing their EV plans for the future, it certainly felt like the conventional petrol and diesel engines will get replaced by EV soon but BMW seems to think that there are still some years before we have to say goodbye to diesel engines.

According to BMW Group board member for development, Klaus Frohlich, EV engines are a little overhyped and that diesel engines will have at least 20 more years for maybe even longer.

He further explained that the battery for electric vehicles actually cause more as raw materials to make the battery is actually pretty pricey and we would only this worsen as demand for electric powered vehicle increases.

However, while he thinks that diesel will continue to exist, he also added that the quad-turbo six-cylinder diesel engine that they are offering in Europe right now could be on its way out soon as the vehicle is too complicated and too expensive to build.

BMW is also working on new all-electric models right now although it looks like they will not be fully committing to it yet.