BMW To Rock New Apple CarKey Soon?

It was previously leaked that Apple might be working on something related to the automotive world and now it looks like BMW could be one of the first to be sporting it.

9to5Mac reported that something called a CarKey was found in the beta version of the Apple iOS 13.4. and at that time, it was believed that the feature was to allow owners to unlock their vehicles with the Apple iPhone or Watch.

To make that happen, the vehicle will first need to be fitted with NFC and from the iOS 14 codes, it was suggested that BMW could be the first to use it. The leaked screenshots showed that the pairing of the vehicle to the system will be through Apple Wallet with an extra backup pairing method that uses pin just in case the first method fails.

Since both Apple and BMW are not ready to make any announcements right now, we will have to wait and see this new feature does arrive in future BWM models.

Author: Staff Reporter

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